Instructor, Nutrition

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Under the general supervision and direction of the Program Director/ Associate Dean/Dean, the instructor is responsible for instructing students on campus, online, and via distance learning. Teaching assignments for this position include, but are not limited to, the Basic Nutrition course and core Culinary/Hospitality program curriculum. The instructor develops course objectives, implements engaging teaching strategies, advises students, monitors/evaluates student progress, and keeps accurate student records.

1. Provide Instruction in Assigned Subject areas. Provide instruction to a diverse student population according to the objectives of each course assigned and manage the classroom in its entirety. These courses include the Basic Nutrition class and core Culinary/Hospitality program curriculum. The instructor will utilize engaged learning strategies in the classroom/laboratory.
2. Operate and utilize as part of the teaching process appropriate audiovisual equipment and classroom media workstation, as well as course management software and media for distance learning.
3. Provide for Student Evaluation and Record-keeping and Assessment. Prepare and administer evaluation instruments and maintain accurate student records on attendance, achievement, progress and assessment.
4. Develop and implement teaching materials. Write syllabi, curriculum, schedules, objectives, criteria and evaluation.
5. Serves as an Academic Advisor for Students. Tasks in this area include: assist students in selecting and registering for courses; advise students on their academic progress, courses needed for graduation and division/college policies. Monitors and evaluates student progress in cooperation with site supervision.
6. Remains Current in Events and Developments Related to Subject Area. Increase and improve personal teaching and subject knowledge through supplemental sources such as in-service activities, conferences, workshops, technical updates, and personal self-study.
7. Participate in Division and College meetings and Committees. Attends division/college staff meetings, serves on committees and keeps safety requirements current.
8. Function as Member of the Culinary/Hospitality Program Team. Interact with colleagues, students, staff, supervisors, and community in a manner which projects a positive image of the program and the College and which promotes/facilitates instructional serves such as recruitment, placement, and orientation as assigned.
9. Maintain security of college equipment and materials.
10. Perform Other Functions Related to Teaching Assignments.
11. Individualized Development Plan (New Instructors). Each new instructor will develop and individualized development plan in cooperation with the Associate Dean and Program Director.
12. Professional Development. Instructor will work with their immediate supervisor to develop an annual plan of professional development and improvement.
13. Promotes/Support Diversity. Promote and support the College’s diversity goals; promote/support Access, Fair Employment, EEO, Equity and Diversity programs.
14. Promote/Support the Organizational Environment through Goal 9 of the Strategic Plan: Promote and support the College’s organizational environment goals. Maximize operational efficiency by enhancing policies and procedures, staffing, and communication processes and practices. Enhance positive communication processes and practices, and maximize a positive and engaging organizational environment by encouraging input, reflective and transparent communication, and compassion and respect toward the views and ideas of others.


1. Masters of Science degree in Nutrition or Dietetics, or a Master’s degree and 18 graduate credit hours in Nutrition.
2. Minimum of three (3) years professional work experience as a dietitian in a clinical setting.
3. Registered Dietitian.

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